Fiat 500C

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Fiat 500C

Petrol & Diesel
69 - 105 HP / 51 - 77 kW
60.1 - 83.1 mpg (3.4-4.7 l/100km)



The iconic soft top Fiat 500C is more surprising, more connected and bolder than ever. 

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It’s always been the coolest car to drive. Now the Fiat 500C is brighter and more original than ever.

The Fiat 500C is a design icon in three shades: ivory, red and black.


Equipped with a smooth electrically operated action, the roof slides back neatly taking the rear window, stop light and spoiler with it.


The Fiat 500C loves the sun. So don't keep its details covered up, fold back the soft top and let them sparkle. Choose the gleaming chrome detailing of the Fiat 500 or the sporty Satin Graphite details of the 500S, and let your personality shine through.


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The Fiat 500C is smarter and more cheerful than ever, with redesigned dashboard controls, new glove compartment and a new centre console enhanced with USB/AUX-in ports.


When you're in a cool car you want everyone to know about it. And if it looks just as good inside as outside, why not slide open that soft top and flaunt it to the max? Treat yourself with materials and fabrics as seen on the world’s hottest catwalks. You can't go wrong with the Fiat 500C.

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Technology and performance

Enjoy sun, fun and surfing—online, of course—with the Uconnect™ Radio on board the 500C. This comprehensive infotainment system starts with the standard configuration, comprising a radio with AM/FM tuner, USB/AUX inputs and steering wheel controls, which can be customised with all the information and music you want, plus TomTom LIVE Services and a 7” HD screen.

Your live control centre

Turn it on for the 35 million music tracks with Deezer, the 100,000 radio stations via TuneIn, the real-time Reuters news or the TomTom maps, or connect to Facebook and Twitter, whenever you want. Or ask it for a weather update, so you know when to close the soft top. Uconnect LIVE just made your journey a whole lot more interesting.


The new engine line-up for the Fiat 500C includes a selection of powerful and amazingly efficient powertrains, all of which meet the latest Euro 6 emissions standards, ensuring greener motoring. The fantastic TwinAir 0.9 is available with either 85bhp or 105bhp, so you'll have plenty of power on tap. What's more, with a fuel consumption figure of up to 74.3mpg combined, you'll be spending far less time and money at the pumps.​

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Fiat 500C

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